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Crash Test: Problems with VIAs KT133/KT133A chipset 2/2
Version 2.11, July 19th, 2001

Fixing the bug

  1. update the BIOS and use the VIA 4in1 4.29 driverset
    if you still got problems:
  2. install the VIA 4in1 4.32 driverset including the PFD-Patch
    without a Soundblaster Live! there might be some problems left:
  3. Fix it manually

Fix it manually
Without a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live! soundcard the first release of VIAs patch won't work at all. Thanks to Madman, who investigated the fixes, we can offer you a guide how to fix your system manually.

PLEASE NOTE: this patch was tested with mainboards using the VIA KX133, VIA KT133 and VIA KT133A chipsets only. Other chipsets by VIA, AMD, ALi, SiS or Intel will have other values and the patch won't work (or worse: cause trouble!) on these chipsets!

A Step-By-Step Guide
To create the patch we need two programs by H-Oda:

WPCREDIT let's you access the PCI registers of your PC and WPCRSET will save these by installing itself as a driver. To install the two programs, create two folders: WPCREDIT and WPCRSET. Extract the programs into these folders and extract kt133.zip into the WPCREDIT-folder, too. Now you should run WPCREDIT and see something like this:

We need to deal with offset 76 only. In this example the BIT 5 is set to 1 and the BIT 4 to 0, the value of offset 76 is 62 (hex). This means that 'Master Priority Rotation' is set to 'after every 2 PCI'. VIAs PFD-driver changes this value to 'every PCI master grand'. Therefore we will set BIT 5 to 0 and BIT 4 to 1, the value of the offset will change to 52 (hex). Please note: you will only have to change the BITs 4 and 5, the value for offset 76 may differ depending on your mainboard and BIOS configuration. Write down the value that is shown for offset 76 on your own system, you will need it for WPCRSET.

PLEASE NOTE: to save the settings to be loaded when Windows starts, you will need to install WPCRSET. WPCREDIT is only used to change the settings temporarily and to read the values. You may also use it to test if the selected values work before you install WPCRSET.

WPCRSET is easy to use. You will have to run INSTDD.EXE (in the WPCRSET-folder) and reboot Windows. Now you will be able to run WPCRSET. Select 'Add' and the value you wrote down for Offset 76. In our example the value is 52:

Confirm with 'Okay' and a new entry will be displayed in the 'Register Settings List'. Now you have to activate it by selecting 'Start' and reboot your system.

The patch is now saved and will be started automatically. If you encounter problems, start Windows using the safe mode and run UNINSTDD.EXE from your WPCRSET directory. This will uninstall the patch.

That's it for now, folks. See you next bug arround!

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